Corporate structure


Technical construction site office

It consists of 40 internal technicians (technical director, managers and building site coordinators). Its main duty is to coordinate the residential or industrial orders following the operational, technical and administrative phases. It guarantees the efficiency and the dynamic execution of the order of the workers on site.

Acquisition Office
Its main task is to research and acquire proper required materials for the building site and to manage the commissions with suppliers and associated partners.

Accounting Office

Its main task is to analyze and quantify different orders using market parameters according to predefined characteristics bringing to project completion, to write the Job Description Report, defining the technical details of the building project.

Modification Office
It consists of a competent staff of architects. It guides the Customers through choices and modification definition up to the delivery of the "plug and play" final product.

Administrative Office

It controls the order financial reports for project completion, following suppliers billing; it prepares Contracting agreements (Contracts) and order confirmations, thus overall supervising the general bureaucratic business procedures.

Safety Office
It consists of external technicians. It controls that building sites are in order and following the different safety laws and regulations. It writes safety and operational report, it checks the workers within the construction site, thus guaranteeing the best safety conditions on site.

Plant Office

It consists of experts who plan, verify and perform the final test of the plants in the construction site. In addition, it prepares the energy certifications of the finished projects.

Machinery and Equipment Office

It consists of three employees who manage the organization, moving and maintenance of big machinery (cranes, scaffolds, concrete units, etc.¬) and small machinery (topographical equipment etc.)

Quality Office
It consists of two employees who monitor the standard procedures within the corporation, updating the quality registry.

Project Office

It consists of a technical office of professional experts (architects, engineers, surveyors) dealing with project planning at the architectural and structural level.